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Sell your scrap car, scrap van, scrap truck, scrap tractor or other scrap vehicle
We pay the best rates and offer a free car removal service for all unwanted and unrepairable vehicles scrap cars, scrap vans, scrap tractors, trucks, plant, salvage and other scrap vehicles.
When you scrap your small truck, van or car for cash from anywhere in Scotland -  Maple Commercial Scotland will pay you the best rates for your scrap vehicle and collect it for free.
Has your car or van failed its MOT? Do you have an unwanted vehicle rusting away on your property? Part-stripped, accident damaged or write offs? Have an end of life vehicle, or van or car which is uneconomical to repair? Call us now..

Services We Offer
Sell your scrap vehicle for cash - we paybest rates for any scrap car, scrap van, scrap truck, scrap tractor, caravan or other scrap vehicle/end of life vehicle - any condition
We pay  for scrap vehicles and offer a free car removal service for all unwanted and unrepairable vehicles scrap cars, scrap vans, scrap tractors, caravans, trucks, plant and other scrap vehicles.
Owners of vehicles involved in a fully comprehensive total loss claim have the option to retain their vehicle as part of the insurance pay out. Ask the insurance company how much they will value the vehicle as salvage, then call Maple Commercial Scotland for a free salvage vehicle quote.
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About Scrap Van / Car Removal and Depollution
Part of the scrap removal process entails taking the scrapped vehicle to Vehicle Recycling Plant which is where the depollution following the vehicle disposal guidelines set in place by the government.
Materials and fluids which pose a threat to the environment are safely removed from the scrapped car, van, truck, plant or other scrapped vehicle.
Once depollution is complete, the vehicle is safe to be recycled or scrapped.
All vehicle disposal with Maple commercial Scotland adheres strictly to the ELV (end of life vehicle) regulations laid down by SEPA.
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Car Scrapping & the Environment
One of the major environmental impacts of scrapping cars relates to the shortage of land fill sites in Scotland.
Dumping scrap cars is now against the law, so by utilising a car scrappage company like Maple Commercial Scotland, which correctly follows vehicle disposal guidelines, you know your scrap car will be depulluted and scrapped correctly.
As with scrap tractors and scrap plant vehicles, any scrap car or scrap van will contain components which can damage the environment. i.e. metals such as mercury and liquids such as oils and fluids which can contaminate the earth and water supplies.
By using a local northwest UK Authorised Treatment Facility for scrap vehicle disposal, Maple Commercial can guarantee that scrap cars and scrapped vans are depolluted and recycled correctly, by experts.
Dumping scrap cars, vans and other scrapped vehicles causes environmental damage and failing to comply with the laws covering the disposal of scrap vehicles can lead to fines.
Maple Commercial Scotland help you to protect the environment by collecting and removing your scrap vehicle ccmpletely free of charge and take care of everything for you, including the DVLA paperwork.
Contact us for a free vehicle scrapping quote or call 07867 583580 text & mob: 07377 711630
We collect  from you  and pay cash.  Phone  for details!!
What is a Scrap Car?
The term ‘scrap car' refers to any vehicle which has reached the end of its life. That ranges from a newish vehicle which has a fault which is uneconomical to repair, including non-runners, to accident damaged cars and write offs to an old shell of a tractor with half a rusty engine and no wheels.
All you need to provide is the key and the logbook with proof of ownership/identity.
If you do not have the log book, you can provide us with a vehicle surrender note instead.
We fill in a section in the log book (V5 slip) which you keep, give you a receipt for the vehicle and advise the DVLA, in other words Sorsky will take care of all DVLA paper work relating to your vehicle removal.
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